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Broadcast Your Search Criteria to Agents Nearby and Get Offers to Help You Immediately.

Live Video Profiles

Watch Short Introductory Videos in Real-Time To Help You Decide if You Like the Agent.

Broadcast Your Needs

Broadcast any Wishlist to Agents Nearby. Create Wishlists for Buying, Renting, Selling or Investing. It’s Free; No Commitment, No Obligation.

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Choose How You Wish to Be Contacted (text, phone email), And What Language You Prefer.

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View Full Profile Containing Agent’s License Information, Ratings, Website and Listings, Coverage Area, Specialties and More.

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When you connect with an real estate agent, you are able to rate the profile on any of these three categories: Responsiveness, Expertise, and Closed Deals. Your ratings are anonymous and these help other users pick the best real estate agent.

Best Uses

Get the most out of Agento™

Cover More Ground
Quickly plan your day of house shopping in different areas. Find the best agent to help you in each of your areas of interest.
Watch Agent Video Snippets Before Picking
Watch a quick video of each available real estate agent before you give out your contact information.
Broadcast Search Criteria Anonymously
Broadcast to agents nearby. Agents quickly check your requirements and offer you assistance in real-time. You pick one agent from the list and get immediately connected. Repeat as needed.
Ask for Help Viewing a Specific Property
Do you have a specific address for a home you wish to see? Can’t get a hold of an agent to show you the property? With a Showing Request you talk to an agent now.
Get Help to Sell Your Property
If you are planning on Selling your property, you can easily interview as many agents as you need before deciding on an agent to help you sell your home.


Frequently Asked Questions
Can I connect with multiple agents?
Yes you can. It’s easy, just repeat the process of broadcasting your search criteria and connect with as many agents as you need to talk to.
Is it really free? Do I pay to connect?
Yes it is free and it will always be. No you don’t pay to connect.
Am I obligated to agents I connect with?
No. Picking an agent does not obligate you in any way. If you are not happy with the agent you picked, you can connect with other agents.
Will a bunch of agents start calling me?
No. You contact information is only revealed to agents you pick.
Can agents see my actual location?
No. When you broadcast your search criteria agents who review it can only see your zip code. Agents cannot see your actual location.

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